HEADLINES and the Value of Design Dialogue

By Cody Lodi

I’ve been a member of the Architecture Professionals Advisory Council (UW Arch PAC) at the University of Washington since 2008 and am the current chair of the committee that organizes and supports the annual spring exhibit HEADLINES: Architecture Looking Ahead. This exhibit highlights emerging architectural projects from Washington practitioners and is a preview of the ideas, process and evolution of the upcoming work that will shape our future built environment. An overview of the design innovation and influence of local practitioners both large and small, HEADLINES offers an exciting preview of projects to be built regionally, nationally and globally. The exhibit will travel to Pacific Northwest schools and institutions throughout the year.

The process of sharing and critiquing ideas is integral to innovation and success in the design profession. It is from this design dialogue we are able to iterate, evaluate and synthesize complex architecture that meets the needs of our clients, community and the environment. This is all possible through collaboration with our design consultants, clients, contractors and the community in which we build. By sharing this process and work through the Headlines exhibit, we are able to engage with a larger audience and strengthen the equity and understanding of design within the profession. It gives design students a glimpse at the contemporary work being done in Washington State and an opportunity to inform how and where they might enter the profession.


Cody Lodi is the 2016 Headlines Chair and an Associate at Weber Thompson